Here are some details on the two Avro 504s we are currently
building for customers. We have an original Avro 504K awaiting
restoration, serial number A201.
Avro 504s under construction
Blue Swallow Aircraft, LLC
Avro 504 Build generated by
Our Avro 504 project is now for sale and includes original
data plate Serial # A201 and copies of the original log book.
There is 30+ years of research utilized to bringing this
project together. The plane is 70% done including the
fuselage, tail, rudder, undercarriage, wheels, tires, cockpit
interior, original instruments, wing ribs and more already
built. The project requires an original engine, radial or
rotary. We can finish this unique aircraft to your
specifications. There are only 13-15 original 504's in
existence out of 10,000 planes built! Only one flying! Own a
piece of aviation history. This is a wonderful 2 place
aerobatic primary trainer that taught the World to fly!